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Genesis 3 – English

Kejadian 3  – Bahasa

1. Copy Paste This Question In to office Word

2. Answer All Question

  • Who tempted eve?
  • What was the choice Eve and Adam?
  • Who convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit? (v6)
  • What happen after Adam and eve eat the fruit? (V7)

Put the steps to a good confession in the proper order.

_______ Make up your mind not to sin again.
_______ Be sorry for your sins.
_______ Tell your sins to God.
_______ Know your sins.
_______ Ask forgiveness to God

Search in http://www.gotquestions.org  Why does God hate sin?

Search in http://www.answers.com what is the meaning of punishment?

Searh in http://thesaurus.com what is the synonyms of punishment?

3. Save and send to gideonks@gmail.com


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