Faith Is……dependence On The Certainty That God Has A Pattern For My Life When Everything Else Seems Meaningless

Faith Is……Remembering I Am God’s Priceless Treasure When I Feel Utterly Useless

Faith Is……Depending On The Fact That God Is Love – Not On My Ability To Figure Out Why, In The Midst Of Smashed Hopes, Reversal And Tragedy

Faith Is……Keeping On When I’m Dog Tired, Discouraged, Disillusioned, Deserted, Dusty, And Dry And I Cast On His Strength Alone

Faith Is……Realizing That I Am Useful To God, Not In Spite Of My Scars, But Because Of Them

Faith Is……Confidence That God Is Acting For My Highest Good When He Answers “No” To My Prayers.

Faith Is……Accepting The Truth That, In Spite Of The Wreckage And Grief I’ve Caused, God Has Wiped The Slate Clean And Delights In Me!

Faith Is……Recognizing That God Is The Lord Of Time When My Idea Of Timing Doesn’t Agree With His

Faith Is……Not An unclear Hope Of A Happy Here After But An Assurance Of Heaven Based On My Trust In Christ’s Death As Payment For My Sins

Faith Is……Remembering That, Though My Way Is As Dark As Night To Me, God Can See And Guides Me Unerringly

Faith Is……Doing The Right Thing Regardless Of The Consequences Knowing God Will Turn The Ultimate Effect To Good

Faith Is The Conviction The Promiser Keeps His Promises

Author Unknown

Iman adalah mengakui apa yang Tuhan katakan adalah benar dan melakukan dengan taat apa yang Tuhan katakan.

Iman adalah menyadari kelemahan dan kemungkinan gagal namun tetap percaya pada kekuatan Tuhan.

Iman adalah menyadari semua kebutuhan kita hari ini dan masa depan sudah disediakan oleh Tuhan.

Iman adalah melangkah di dalam dunia yang tidak pasti bersama Allah yang pasti.

-Ps.Gideon Sihombing-


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