n57620818373_6337A thumbs up is a common gesture represented by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward in approval respectivelyl.

In Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Thailand it is traditionally an obscene gesture, equivalent to the use of the middle finger in the Western world.

In Italy, in the right context, it can simply indicate the number one. Generally it is perceived as “OK”.

In Russia and Finland the meaning of this expression is “awesome”, or “good”, “well done”.

In India, although the gesture is well accepted.

In Egypt, it means perfect or very good. It’s widely common between people.

Very often the thumbs-up sign is used simply to suggest happiness, good spirit, or a sense of accomplishment


Kasih Thumbs up minimal buat 5 orang yang anda kenal. Sebagai tanda “Gak Mudah Nyerah” dan memberikan semangat bahwa:
Kamu ok!
Kamu dihargai!
Kamu diterima!
kamu bisa berhasil.

nb: bisa ditambahkan kata2 yg membangun seperti:
“Anda luar biasa”, “anda bisa” atau “Pasti berhasil”

Give ‘Thumbs up’ to five people in your community as a sign “Never Give Up” and give a spirit of:

I’m OK, You’re OK.

Gak Mudah Nyerah


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