Nama :___________





“Operation Dumbo Drop”

Synopsis :

It’s 1968, during the Vietnam War. A village that U.S. Forces are using to spy on the Ho Chi Minh Trail has its sacred elephant killed by the North Vietnamese Army, because they were cooperating with the Americans. The villagers need an elephant for a ceremony that will occur within the week. Special Forces Captain Sam Cahill (Danny Glover), an easygoing man who is heading home, and his hotheaded replacement Special Forces Captain T.C. Doyle (Ray Liotta) embark on a mission to scrounge up another elephant. Enlisting the aid of a sneaky Supply Chief Warrant Officer Three David Poole (Denis Leary), a luckless farmboy 101st Airborne Specialist Five Lawrence Farley (Corin Nemec), and short-timer 101st Airborne Specialist Four Harvey Ashford (Doug E. Doug), they transport the elephant across South Vietnam to get it to the village on time. Along the way, the unit encounters calamity and other misadventure as they attempt to transport their animal; not the least of which are transport problems, personality conflicts, and an NVA unit that want the Americans out of the village.

Read This First!

  • Opitimis adalah sikap yang memliki ciri-ciri berpikir positif/percaya diri/yakin berhasil/bersemangat/berani saat akan melakukan sesuatu yang mudah atau yang sulit.
  • Pesimis adalah sikap yang memliki ciri-ciri berpikir negatif/tidak percaya diri/ragu berhasil/tidak bersemangat / takut saat akan melakukan sesuatu sesuatu yang mudah atau yang sulit.


I. Sambil menonton,temukan dan tuliskanlah perbuatan dan perkataan optimis atau pesimis para actor yang muncul dalam film “ Operation Dumbo Drop”.

II. Menurut kamu, apa yang membuat Operasi ini berhasil?



III. Menurut kamu sikap-sikap apa saja yang bisa membuat operasi ini bisa gagal?




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